Music: s.lópez/h.núñez   Lyrics: h.núñez
I was creating my own madness
Writing every chapter of my fall
Trying 2 find the answer from my prayers
I became the blind man on a one-eyed world
Crying out in silence, Screaming 4 a chance 2 fly
I was sleeping with my past´ ghosts
Dreams were always black
Dreams were always black & white
Frozen tears on distance, Doubts about my existence
A long time waiting, Hiding inside my memory died
Crying out in silence, Feeding me from sadness
Crying out in silence, Growing up my madness
I´m tired of walk alone
Across this road 2 Nowhere Land
I am the unfinished Gaudi´s Art
My soul screams 4 mercy, Fighting hard against myself
I´m signing my redemption
And I Promise U will B my only addiction
Forgiven, not forgotten
Like the hand that writes my crypt
I´m the one cold truth of Dorian Gray
Still on purgatory, I´ll pay the price 4 all my sins
I´m signing my redemption
And I Promise U will B my only addiction

Music & Lyrics: h.núñez
See them standing at the edge of desperation
Won´t be crying, they´re still having faith
Think time´s the only healer
And will B a day this all must change, and stop the rain
See them walking the thin line between hell and heaven
 There´s no light 4 their tormented souls
Have you forgotten all of them
and the pure love one day U felt
When the light turns 2 dark
And the clouds don´t let them 2 see the stars
They need  touch the sore
One day we did 2 your son, 2 believe once again
There´s a higher Lord out there
That Cares for them, Loves all of them
Without no resent, so….
Give them a reason 2 believe
Tell them that you´ve heard their desperate prayers
they´re still your beloved creation
Send them a little bit of hope
Tell them there´s a future 4 the children
Now it´s time 2 fight strong and keep the faith
But sands of time are falling, there is no regret
The oldest icon´s burning, fire will clean the pain

Music: s.lópez   Lyrics: h.núñez
Sometime, somewhere, someone said
B careful of what U´re dreaming
Cause the wayward turn of the events
Could make it real
Grows the eternal doubt inside yourself
Self-trust is an empty word
Consequential with your own acts
Or B a happy unknown
Answers 2 Shakespeare´s questions
It´s always 2 B or not 2 B
Architect of illusion, stuck on mediocrity
Then surrender 2 evidence:
The world is not ready 4 me
But it´s hard, so hard, 2 live without dreams
Sometime, somewhere, someone said
If you do what you´ve always done
All that U will get in your life is what U´ve ever gotten
On, and on and on…
Close your eyes and believe
There´s no limits to dream
Out of sight, out of mind
Spread your wings, learn to fly
Thought U had the Midas touch
But the gold turns 2 dust
Lose or win, black or white
That´s the dilemma of life

Déjà Vu
Music & Lyrics: h.núñez
I´ve been travelling through the past
I´ve seen myself walking on broken glass
I´ve relived all things I´ll never do
Living on an endless déjà vu
Through the unexplored ways of isolation
I found a place where there´s no pain
Where Long time ago I hid my dark temptations
2 protect myself
Always thought I´m living into other´s lifetime
Thought God had a plan 4 me
But Truth reminds me day by day that I am
My own enemy
Fate´s confused,
Past´s refused and disclaim… 2 blame
Borrowed reality, strange behaviour
Empty mirrors can´t reflect
Endless searching 4 a fantasy savior
That I can feel and embrace
Blurred faces, empty places… Unknown
Broken memories, Think I´ve lived this before

Music: s.lópez   Lyrics: h.núñez
Another new sun has born
Another wall  2 break
You feel the fear deep and cold
Waiting 4 U out there
Life is a cry, a constant fight
Promises made, Became a lie
U´re all alone, in paradise
Eve has gone by, searching 4 peace of mind
U´re in a point of no return
Don´t know if go ahead
Concertina has lose his worth
Now is a cruel revenge
Guilty of living, like a broken toy,
Crying victim, misunderstood 
Guilty of being, your own enemy,
U´re kneeling
2 the world, U´re not like they should
Thousands of questions 2 weird
Where R the answers
Thousands of barriers 2 scared
Where R the chances
I´m living every day like the last day of my life
No one could ever say if this will be my last crime
I implore God for mercy, my own decision is made up

Music: s.lópez/h.núñez   Lyrics: h.núñez
Talkin´ bout the devil
There´s a truth without a voice
We´re living inside his bubble
With no possibility of choice
This  unjustified damage
That we´ve done throughout our lives
Like Sodom and Gomorrah
Our future´s written and decided
Deep inside, All we feel
We R just puppets with golden strings
God forgot we inherited
His unpaid debts from our paradise
Gamblin´ with the devil
We bet our freedom 2 decide
Put our used faith on the table
Self-Condemned 2 live into a jail of glass
Harder we try, stronger we cry
We lose our beauty wings to fly
As the golden tears are fallin´
Leave the Eden with no options 2 come back
There´s no home, no return
The fear of The Judgment Day has come
Masquerade or mistake
Hammer sentenced the law of God
There´s no hope, 4 our sins
We´ll wait 4 a miracle 2 redeem
Precious wings, on our backs
Now R the weight that hold us back
Angel,  banished strangers
Pages, tainted by changes
Anger, mistreated illusions
Facing the cold evilution
Walking alone ways of healing
Sending a prayer that´s not hearing

Music & Lyrics: h.núñez
Love letters written in the sand that waves erase
 Deep feelings captured on my mind
Sometimes the perfect word is what we never said
And the hardest part of love it´s the time 2 say goodbye
But when the rain is over there´s still a light that shine on
And will put back the pieces 2 heal my broken heart
I can´t stop the feeling that is growing up inside
Wanna hold U, and tell U the way I feel tonight
This unnatural feeling´s like the wings of butterfly
Can move mountains, cross oceans,
Start  an earthquake with a beat of life
Following little steps that time turned into dust
It´s a lonely quest 4 just a simple breath of life
And at the end of rainbow, dancing like Innuendo´s dream
Thousand of colored wings will take my soul so high
But when the rain is over there´s still a light that shine on me
And will put back the pieces 2 heal my broken heart
I know somewhere I will find the Little wings I need 2 fly
And the wind will take me far away
Fragile dust can build a dream, that´s the might of little things
We need 2 know that
somewhere someone´s waiting 4 us 2 be saved

Music: s.lópez/h.núñez   Lyrics: h.núñez
I know that Lady Luck in not around me
I know she´s not my girl
Black Cats R smiling me ironically
My 4-leaf clover starts 2 wilt
Over and over, contagious my brain
Broken glass shields can´t protect me from her
Pieces of pain
I don´t need no false religion
Turning 2 real superstition
Wake a new day, but it all like seems like 13th Friday
Open scissors planes over my head
I see my life through the eyes of burning witches
Their crystal ball dictates my fate
Superstitious, growing like fever inside of my head

Music: s.lópez   Lyrics: h.núñez
Who needs the future if U´re always thinkin´ `bout past
Who can decide what´s the time 2 live or time 2 die
Who writes all the blanc pages from our destiny
Words that´s controlling our acts
What is the meaning of those hidden signs, Father Time
Healer, stealer
Thief of illusions, killer of dreams
Dealer, seller
Throughout our story, eternal redeem
Seconds R minutes, minutes turn hours
Clocks all around me, R melting like ice
Impassive time, sitting on his throne
Looking our old age is overtaking us
Time, we R slaves from our time
We need a little more time
Time 2 forgive, time 2 delay
Just need the time to make time